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Change Management is More Than Just a Catchphrase

June 21st, 2011

Most managers know that they need to implement effective change management if their organizations are to survive. Unfortunately, at most companies and agencies change management is nothing but a catchphrase.

In these organizations, managers and leaders are constantly talking about change management but actual change never occurs. Or worse the change that occurs is necessitated by outside forces such as lost market share, budget cuts and competition. These efforts fail because nobody tries to make change management a reality.

What Change Management Really Is

Many people fail to implement change management because they do not realize what it is really. Change management simply means taking control of the situation. Those who do not manage change, let change manage them and their organizations.

Effective leaders know all about change management because they do it every day. Ineffective leaders turn it into a catchphrase, because all they do is react to the changes rather than try to implement them. Generally, these leaders fail when competitors led by effective leaders that understand change management enter the market.

Implementing Effective Change Management

Fortunately there are actions that leadership teams can take to create a culture of effective change management within their organizations. These actions include:

  • Leadership Development Programs – This means an active effort to identify individuals who could develop into effective leaders and give them the skills, leadership training and guidance they need to be leaders. Such an effort involves much more than management training. It means an active effort to identify leaders and mentorship to give potential leaders support.
  • Employee Engagement – This means getting the employees involved in the company and more importantly getting employees to care about the organization. If employees are not engaged they will care about the organization and they will resist change management. It also means getting every employee actively involved in the change management process.
  • Employee Surveys – These are vital for efforts to improve employee engagement. A management team must know what the employees think and understand their attitudes in order to effectively implement changes. Employee engagement efforts without surveys usually fail.
  • Management Training- In order to turn an organization around you will need managers with the latest skills and training. Giving the managers and leaders you have management training and leadership training will always be more cost effective than bringing in outsiders.


SAP Solutions to Working at Home

May 27th, 2011

SAP’s ERP and other solutions have a fringe benefit that many managers do not see: they make it easier for employees and consultants to work from home. Instead of going into the office, an employee can perform a wide variety of functions from his or her home using these powerful tools.

The number of tasks that can be done from home or anywhere else using these solutions is large. For example: salespeople can file sales reports using the Sales and Distribution Module, accounts payable professionals can verify invoices, track purchase orders and select vendors using SAP MM, and the human resources manager can provide human forecasts using SAP Human Capital Management.

Managers and others no longer need to go the office to create reports and presentations. Instead all of the information they need is at their fingertips with a SAP Business Information Warehouse. A BW lets any employee access all of a company’s data at any time.

Indeed, almost all office jobs can now be done at home using laptop or desktop computers, fast internet service and enterprise solutions like those from SAP. This makes it easier than ever for companies to offer this alternative to employees. SAP’s Infrastructure Virtualization enables the installation of new functions on all of a company’s computers including those employees are using at home.

Benefits to Working from Home
There are many benefits to working from home including increased productivity and more flexible hours. Many employees now expect to be able to do at a least part of their work from home. Enterprise solutions like those from SAP can enable them to do this.

More importantly, allowing employees to work from home can reduce an employee’s expenses. Instead of opening new branches in an area the firm can simply have managers or sales people work from home. This eliminates the costs of leasing office space, utilities and furnishing the facility. It also eliminates the need to provide additional office space for employees and consultants.

A company that does not need to rent a lot of additional office space can expand into new markets and regions faster. It can also have more capital available to finance that expansion by eliminating the need for office space.

A firm can take advantage of SAP’s e-implement feature to virtually install new programs or upgrades in work at home employees’ computers without having them come to the office. This can increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

The best way for a company to see how enterprise solutions can aid the transition to working from home is to talk to a Certified SAP Consultant. Premiere SAP Consultants offers a free consultation with such a professional.


Making the Paperless Office a Reality

May 18th, 2011

Many people now dismiss the concept of the paperless office as a fantasy but it can become a reality with help from SAP Certified consultants. Such a consultant can tell a company about the numerous applications that can help a company eliminate vast amounts of paper and its related costs.

A SAP Business Information Warehouse could provide a digital repository for all of the company’s information. This could eliminate the need for costly paper files, payments to storage companies and employees to manage those files. SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation could enable a company to conduct planning and reporting generating large numbers of new paper documents.

Going completely paperless is probably impossible but greatly reducing the amount of paper an organization uses is certainly possible using such applications. Eliminating paper files can reduce employee costs, security costs and storage costs for example. It also reduces the time and effort spent trying to locate files or to copy them.

Simply talking to a SAP Certified Consultant can show a company how to greatly reduce its volume of paperwork. Many Premiere consultants specialize in different applications that can help different departments go paperless. A SAP SD module can eliminate paper sales orders and end duplication by creating one file for every sales order for example.

Creating such a paperless work environment could be the key to survival for many companies. Many organizations can no longer afford the huge costs associated with paper documentation. Others face legal requirements to have data available on a real time basis.

Going paperless can also help a company implement other cost saving strategies such as having employees work at home or outsourcing functions. It will also be easier for managers and consultants to examine the company’s data and identify costs that can be reduced or eliminated.

The paperless office is not a dream anymore. It can actually be a reality for organizations that are willing to take advantage of today’s business information solutions.


Resolving ERP Central Component Installation Issues

May 15th, 2011

Unfortunately, as with all software installations, issues can arise when installing the SAP ERP Central Component (ECC). Fortunately, if problems occur during the installation process, steps can be taken to resolve them and get everything working as it should. Of course, the number of potential ECC installation problems is substantial, so the following information is meant to provide the troubleshooter with some ideas to begin resolving the problem; it is not intended as a complete ECC-installation guide. Having said that, as a general guide, this resource may be exactly what an inexperienced Basis administrator needs to get on the right track.

When it is apparent that an installation error has occurred, it is necessary to determine the cause of the problem before it can be solved. To determine what went wrong with the ECC installation, be sure to browse through the installation log in order to determine the error type and the step of the installation that failed. Once that information is located, search for documentation on that specific error. If information on a specific error is hard to find, search for common problems that others have had during that step of the installation. After finding a suitable solution, test it by reinstalling the ECC. Finally, even if everything appears to have installed correctly on later attempts, be sure to check the installation log again for errors or other issues.

Our Certified Oracle consultants are available for all areas of Oracle support including Oracle tuning, Oracle database troubleshooting, Oracle 11g and Oracle 10g migration upgrades and patch application, Oracle design reviews and Oracle requirements evaluations.  Our consultants are experts in diagnosing Oracle databases and take immediate action to locate and correct database performance issues.  We can assist with Oracle 11g migration services and Oracle 11g upgrade services so your business can reach its database performance issues.  We can also monitor and fine tune all Oracle databases, including RAC and Oracle Applications, provide complete Oracle data warehouse consulting, create and maintain your company’s oracle computer system, and forecast Oracle performance.


Don’t Put Off ERP Upgrades

May 13th, 2011

Many management teams have a very bad habit of putting off ERP upgrades until it is too late. It is easy to see why managers do this, many of them can remember the bad old days when an upgrade meant shutting down the office for days or even weeks while consultants tried to install the new software.

Those days are long past it is now possible to install new ERP functions and even entire ERP systems almost instantly and seamlessly. No new hardware or long delays are needed to do this. The team at the office simply finds the new solutions on their computers when they come in for work in the morning. Read the rest of this entry »


Uses of SAP BW Consulting

May 5th, 2011

The biggest problem facing many businesses today is the inability to access data. In today’s business environment, managers need real time information to base decisions upon, yet it is often not available. Many organizations face the dilemma of having huge amounts of information available that is inaccessible by those who need it most.

It makes absolutely no sense to devote money, resources and employees’ time to the accumulation of data that is unusable yet that is exactly what a lot of companies do. A typical example of this would be a sales organization that requires every salesperson to make daily reports of their activities. That information could be useless to managers at the head office because they have no way of accessing it. Read the rest of this entry »


Increasing Efficiency in the Office with SAP

May 3rd, 2011

In this age of economic turmoil and belt tightening almost every organization is looking for ways to increase efficiency without raising costs. An excellent way to do this is to implement state of the art enterprise solutions from SAP.

It is now possible to consolidate and automate a wide variety of functions including human capital, accounts payable, supply chain management, file management, materials management and much more without installing expensive new hardware. Professional SAP consultants can now install all of these functions and much more virtually.

SAP’s Infrastructure Virtualization feature enables a company to streamline business processes without changing systems. This means that a company can implement an optimization plan with little or no downtown and added expense. The savings gained from just a few of the SAP functions can pay for the entire upgrade.

Examples of Increased Efficiency with SAP Enterprise Solutions
Adding a SAP Business Warehouse can enable the accounting department to cut the time it takes the books in half. This can eliminate such added expenses as overtime for the accounting staff, and the need to bring in temporary workers to complete simple tasks.

A profitability analysis using SAP CO-PA can help a management team identify new ways to streamline operations. Regular SAP CO-PA analyses can help management identify new profit centers and spot losses before they damage the organization.

Efficiency is now the name of the game in business and every other activity out there. One of the best ways to identify methods of increasing efficiency is to arrange a free consultation from a Certified SAP Consultant.


Understanding SAP Basis and BPC

April 9th, 2011


SAP Basis is the administration of the SAP system, essentially a set of middleware programs and tools that act as an underlying base enabling applications to operate across systems.  SAP Basis includes components such as a data dictionary and user and system administration.


The SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) application unifies and streamlines planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes.  SAP BPC makes seamless the planning, financial consolidation, and management reporting for companies while improving budget cycle times, driving compliance with regulatory and financial standards, helping reduce external audit costs, instilling confidence, and reducing business risk.

With SAP BPC and help from our project management consultants everything you need to meet your bottom-up and top-down financial and operational planning requirements, as well as complete consolidation and reporting, will be available through a single, seamless application and interface.  Let our consultants help you receive benefits such as being able to quickly model new business scenarios and decide on a course of action that maximizes value creation, reduced cycle time, minimized business and compliance risk, and increase in user productivity.


SAP Functional Consultants

March 21st, 2011

Our SAP Functional Consultants can customize your business making sure your SAP system reacts in a manner according to your specifications.  We ensure that proper training is given to users and that the system is usable, performing appropriately and that business flow is complete and correct.  Our consultants can also assist the technical staff by testing the behavior of the system.  Our SAP Functional Consultants generate knowledge about the current business process, design current business flows, and study current business processes.  We can also assist with flow diagrams and prepare DFDs in Vision format.  We document all configurations as per their categories in the form of predefined templates approved by your business. Contact our SAP Functional Consultants today for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!


SAP ERP is Important in Business Operations

March 17th, 2011

There are old companies that have been around for a long time that are currently using SAP ERP to systematize the operations of their business. Southwestern/Great American is one of them that exist for 155 years. They have been doing business since 1855. Their business started with religious tracts and now they have a dozen different lines of business that includes direct selling, customized publishing, school fund-raising, sales training and even executive search and recruitment. One of the main reasons why this company last this long is because it tried its best to catch up with the changing times.

They consider SAP ERP to be the most important IT infrastructure that has helped them cope with all the changes. Even their IT Director Ed Solima considers it as the backbone of their business. Different divisions in their company like order processing, inventory management and even warehouse management uses this system. He considers it as the most important software that they run in the company.

Everything changed for the better when they decided to transition their IT system from a dual environment in which its SAP ERP ran off. They did this while other companies are still using applications that are running on Windows-based hardware.

The company’s current system runs all their wares and servers with advance processors that could utilize both SAP ERP and their own Windows applications. The system that they currently use allowed them to save a lot of money by keeping their old servers and combine it in their new storage data.

The companies that we keep can even outlast our times by using the right SAP ERP system that will work for you. It’s best to get a SAP Consulting expert that will help you figure out what specific system your company will need to virtualize your office system.