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Evolution Of Web Design

A huge transformation has been evolving ever since the rise of the internet and technology. Communication technologies have been a great help in sourcing our economy profits as it is far more effective which compares to people decades ago, they have to deal with a lot of challenges to earn money. In this 21st century, there is a much easier way to make a living and connect with one and another without having to be in the same place.


A blissful moment when we noticed on how much changes have been made and gives huge impact towards organization and society. A revolution in technology where from letter writing or telegraph which allowed information to be sent faster encoding messages through a network cable. Nowadays, it is also possible for people to work on their gadgets such as tablet rather than using the usual tools such as computers. It is also an obsession among us to have or purchase the latest gadget that has been released by top companies.


However, as communication tools continue to blossom, websites or web design shall not be forgotten as it will be a great loss to the world of technology if no one shall ever cherish it. According to the history of web design, it was all started with Tim Berners Lee. In 1990, WWW or World Wide Web was first created but then the founder changes it to Nexus. In the past, there were no fancy fonts, graphic illustrations, videos or even pictures. Nonetheless, it was rather plain texts on a web page portrayed.


A few years after, the first web browser called Mosaic was created and a new veer has started as web design beginning to evolve from plain texts to an advanced web page filled with more than just underlined blue link. Mosaic has been a great breakthrough as many web developers utilize their skills by applying gif images and web forms during that period of time. In presence, users also using gif images to express their words through motion pictures and applicable on websites including messaging app, for instance, Whatsapp or Telegram.


Web design takes a lot of processes to produce a website. To create a well-precise website, one must know how to merge website content, web page layout and graphic illustrations in a complex structure. In this era, there are many advanced tools used by designers such as Apple Ipad Pro, Wacom Intuos Draw, and many more. All of these tools were created to assist designers in their project. No matter what, it takes a lot of patience and dedication to work with technology especially when it comes to web designing.


Back in 1998, web development tools began to emerge and produce websites such as GoLive and Dreamweaver. As time flies, web design became more popular and opens wide job opportunities for designers to build sites. This also leads to Web 2.0 in many years after the 90’s showing that a consistency in web design development such as WordPress and Blogger. An evolution of web design that circulating within the technology world including Web design Malaysia whereas a huge contribution to our generation in order to make our nation a progressive country.