Can You Be Compromising Your World of Warcraft Account Security by Using Mods?

Sometimes the default interface doesn’t do as much, that is where participant generated mods can be used to give the design a little more functionality. While the majority of these mods are safe to use, there are privacy and security problems that you need to know about when using these mods.

Always download your mods from a trustworthy source. There are a few who made these kinds of files which are malicious in nature. This means they are intended to finally steal your account’s login name and password. If you hear about a mod which makes the game better, do some research to be certain it is actually secure. If you download just from the trusted websites, this shouldn’t be a problem. Always read consumer comments on the mod to be certain that there is not an issue with it which you will need to know about.

By way of instance, there are mods that take the race and class of your personality on your server to demonstrate this information to other people from server to server. This is benign information to be shared. Some mods though show others when you’re online knowingly and show what your standard playtime habits are.

As these aren’t intended to be malicious, someone could use this information to understand when you’re home and what you’re doing. When you put in anything of this type, make certain to read the fine print and get an understanding of what information will be shared by using this addon.

There really isn’t a reason to be totally frightened of these mods. You simply need to know about a few of the problems that are brought up about wow servers.